Premier League Betting Statistics

There are a lot of bettors who choose to place their bets on the Premier League. Novice bettors have several questions in mind. How does the Premier League’s goal averages compare with other leagues? How often do Premier League matches end without a goal scored? What is a home-field advantage worth in the Premier League? You should consider statistics as part of your preliminary analysis only. You should also use it as a comparative guide to the Premier League and other European leagues. Never place your bets on Judi Bola based on this data alone. There are other factors you should consider.

Home field advantage

Statistical analysis is not that easy. Considering the value of the home-field advantage is an ideal place to start. In recent seasons, the Premier League has a winning percentage of 44.5%. It puts home-clubs below the ten league average of 45.3%. The average Premier League home club earned 1.59 points per home match the last five seasons. The ten league average is at 1.61. The Premier League’s average goal advantage for home clubs is +0.35 goals over the previous five seasons, which is the same mark as the German Bundesliga across the same period. This +0.35 goal advantage is equal to 0.70 goal swing between an average Premier League club playing at home and an average playing away.

Premier League Betting Statistics

Frequency of Premier League matches being a draw at halftime

An average of 42.3% of Premier League matches is a draw at halftime. It is only above a bit higher than the ten league average of 41.5%. Premier League home-clubs led at halftime with 34.9% while the ten league average is at 34%. Away-clubs have an average of 23.7% matches won during the halftime

Frequency of Premier League home-clubs leading halftime/full time

Based on results for the past seasons, the Premier League is in the neighbourhood of league averages. The home team wins an average of 27.2% of the matches both at halftime and full time. It is almost equal to the ten league average. There is only a small average of 17.1% matches won by the away-team during both the halftime and full time. Again, almost the same as the ten league average. A low 15.6% of the games have a draw result in halftime and full time, also practically equal to the ten league average.

Based on the past seasons, the Premier League is in the range of ten league averages. There is only a bit higher occurrence rate of away-clubs winning when the match becomes a draw at halftime. The Premier League has an average of 15.9% of games ending with a margin of at least three goals. It is very close to the ten league average, which is at 16%.

Over 51% of all matches exceeded the 2.5 goals mark across the ten leagues. 52.5% of all games eclipse the 2.5 goals.