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Betcris is an abbreviation of Bet Costa Rica International Sports (BETCRIS). It is an online platform to wager on different types of sports events and other events like bingo, horse racing, casino, poker, etc. This epic bookmaker has made its way here since 1985. It also has a mobile app through which you can log in or register your account. Betcris has been a master for a long time now and has aced in the game through the website.

The Website

The website offers a simple basic theme and gets the users betting in no time. The website can be viewed in different languages so that players from all over the world can bet easily. It offers languages like:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Thai
  • Cambodian
  • Vietnamese
  • Russian

It offers the view of all the active bets and the users’ profiles. Users can see the odds in American, decimal, Malaysian, Hong Kong, and Indonesian formats. Betcris allows the users to add money in US Dollars and Euros. It also takes care of its users by giving them a 15% bonus on registration and adding money. It also ensures that every regular player is rewarded. And that is done by cutting their percent so that the regular players gain more profits.

Sports Betting Online

The Sports

Betcris offers a lot of options to bet on. These include various types of sports played across the world. The sports include;

  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Cycling
  • ESports
  • Motor Racing
  • Cricket
  • MMA
  • Hockey

Hence, it offers its users the facility to bet on a larger scale and with a variety of options. The users are free to choose their bet, but there sure is some restriction on the money deposits and withdrawals.

Withdrawals and Deposit Systems

With so much to give, it has to restrict something to maintain the authenticity of the website. Hence, Betcris has set a limit to withdrawals and deposits. A VISA card owner can deposit a minimum of $24 and a maximum of $999. And the daily deposit is restricted to $1000, weekly to $2000 and monthly to $4000. These deposits vary from card to card. The MasterCard charges may differ with VISA and other payment options. The withdrawals can be made through various modes. One such mode is through a bank draft. Although a bank draft minimum is $100 and the maximum is $3000. It also charges $64 for the delivery of the draft.

With its branches in physical locations like Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Guatemala, Betcris has become a leader in the rapidly rising betting industry. It does so by providing a rich user interface on its website and by providing them with a lot of sports to bet on and have a great profit of the same.

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