Slots Terminology to Understand

Slots are widely popular due to their simple and entertaining essence. You do not need any clever strategy or specific skill for playing the game, just some lucky vibes. Alternatively, slots machine might not appear very simple initially, particularly if you have never played it before. Reason is, even easiest game has got their own terminology that will confuse the new players. This features some specific words & expressions sharing the given meaning in a context of spinning reels. To be familiar with the terms can save you from trouble and clueless wondering! Thus, if you want slots-term help, there here is the short dictionary, sectioned in different key categories when playing at goldenslot ทดลอง เล่น.

Paylines – Slots have got the fixed and adjustable number of the paylines. They are pre-set combinations over the reels that pay whenever you get the equal symbols on it . More payline the slot has, better! Generally, number and type of the paylines will be displayed in paytable and in rules section of every game that you play at สมัคร เอ เย่ น goldenslot.

Winning Combination – The combination of symbols over the reels that results in the payout. That depends on type of the symbols, smallest combo begins at x2 whereas upper limit is generally x5. Obviously, there are a few unconventional slots machine with higher winning combination limits, however, they are the exception than rule.

slots machine

Paytable – It is one kind of info table showing every symbol’s payout that depends on number of times that it appears on some payline. Most of the games have the ‘Paytable’ or ‘Info’ button on play screen that leads directly to the section.

Progressive Jackpot – There are some slot machine variations generally come with the progressively higher jackpot prize. Growth is because of the common money pot in which every player contributes to some percentage of the wagers. Jackpot expands until somebody wins entire amount. For doing that player should qualify to enter the jackpot game just by fulfilling wager requirements. After that, it is just the matter of luck since game is triggered randomly and even the non-winning spin can be start of the jackpot mission.

Return to Player – RTP/Payout Percentage, amounts to same. It is a term that the casinos use for describing percentage of money paid to player over time. It is calculated as average based on over 1,000 spins.

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