Information about how to use bonus or rewards

There are millions of people around the world that are playing casino games on regular bases a searing reasonable amount of cash and enjoying the benefits out of it. Many online casinos are famous for crypto gambling because of the rewards and bonuses provided by them. A new person to the casino may not understand how to use these bonus and rewards given by the casino. They are not even aware of how to look for the new proms and hoe to claim them. If you are one among them then you can continue reading to understand on how to claim bonus and know about new promos.

  • Always check the emails you received from the casino to know about the different offers and regularly check the pages on the site where the casino display their promos.
  • Some bonuses can be claimed using the code provided when you are depositing the amount. In some cases when you are playing online than you need to send an email to the operators to avail the extra amount which you’re an eligible. Few promos can be availed from the promo page of the website.
  • Few bonuses that you have got while playing the game those will be added to your account automatically.

  • Each bonus offer will be attached with some terms and conditions such as for free bonus at the time of registration you have to deposit some fixed amount to get the free bonus. That is why it is very important to read the terms and conditions before you participate to get that promo.
  • Some of the terms which you should check before going claim any bonus. First one is how much amount you should wager to get the bonus. Most casinos will have fixed amount before the withdrawal option get enabled for you. Second one is for some bonuses you must have to deposit fixed amount decided by the casino.
  • Third one is the amount which you get from playing different games. One thing you should know is all the games in casino are not equal. Games like slots; keno will add value fully and games like black jack, poker which is with low house edge they do not contribute fully. Fourth term is the expiry, each promo or bonus comes with an expiry date so you have to meet all the requirements before the expiry date else you will loss all the bonus or reward.


Hope this information will help you to make maximum use of your bonus and rewards.

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