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Poker refers to the name given to a collection of cards which is a combination of skills, strategies, methods and gambling techniques. The poker game begins with the some bet which is to be madeby the one or more players playing the game. Bets are made on the basis of the rank they believe thhey have and would be worth as compared to their competitor players in the game. Then during situs slot, the actions are to be done which is done in a clockwise manner in which each player has to make call or match the previous bet.

The player who calls or matches previous call or bet then can increase the bet.Then after all the players calls and the round is completed.Then if any one playerfolds on any round the other players collect pots without revealing their hand.Then finally a showdown is conducted in which the hands are to be revealed by the player and the player who is winning takes away all the pots.

Poker game is of two types:

  • Live poker

It is “real”.

Professionally played in casinos.

  • Online poker

It is “virtual”.

Professionally played in computer.

The game rulings remain the same but just place of gaming changes.

This game online poker is a same game named “poker” but just comes with the diffrence that it is played on computer systems and uses internet.  Also all the rules and regulations are the same just like poker of real world. It has became more popular and common than the real world poker because of its connectivity to the internet which allows players from different places,regions and countries can come together and play the game as per their comfort values . It being over net provides additional advantage and thus has created a world wide linkage all around the world.

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History of the game

In late of decade 1990s, this gaming ideology existed .A game named “planet poker” was the first one to be played using virtual interface and cards.

And soon with passage of time it gained popularityn in whole world and millions of people started using it.

Legality of the game online poker

It is called online gambling.  As compared to real world poker game which is not legal being played.but online poker game is legal in almost all the countries in the world.

Integrity of online poker

  • Shuffling of cards
  • Cheating within the game
  • Collusion between players

Compatibility of the game

This game online poker is operated using the sophisticated design of system software which has a very good and use to interface which is understandable and easy to use and also efficient in workability. The softwares are designed for all kind of operating system and other devices including portable and non portable sysstems.

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