Baccarat for Beginners: Rules, Strategy and Casino

Baccarat is a game of chance where players bet against the house with the goal of getting as close to nine points total without going over. These points are determined by adding together the value of your two cards and your one pair of dealer’s cards. Aces are worth one point each, face cards are worth ten points each, all other cards are worth their normal numbered values.

For example, if you have an eight and a six you would have four points (8+6=14-10=4). If you had a three and an ace you would have five points (3+1=4-10=6), etc. Players also have the option of betting on who they think the dealer’s cards will add up to be closest to without going over nine points total. If you are playing with real money you can place wagers with house chips or cash at the table before play starts, but if you wish only to observe and learn our advice is to bet with house chips because exchanges take time and slow down game play. Do not pass your bets forward in front of yourself at the table, it isn’t allowed in live casinos so why do it online?


One player needs one unit of currency to buy-in for this game. A large enough stack of currency worth 10 units is about as close as you can get.

One unit is a bet of 10 house chips or equivalent cash at the table, so 20 chips is a buy-in for this game.

PG SlotChips:

You need to have enough of your own chips to cover your bets and then some. This is because each casino has its own distinct style of dealing with insufficient funds players, e.g., not playing at all, being forced to buy in again, being arrested, etc. After a loss you should be prepared to play multiple hands if the cards turn in your favor. A good way to avoid hassle over insufficient funds is to always keep a few hundred extra dollars’ worth of chips on hand whenever playing บาคาร่า.

House Rules:

Make sure you are playing the rules that were agreed upon by all players at that table before play begins. The rules can vary from casino to casino, but most North American casinos offer PG Slot with the following rule options: three card baccarat, six card baccarat, and mini-baccarat. With some notable exceptions almost all US casinos also allow players to make multiple bets on one hand which greatly increases your chances of winning. This is only allowed in North America, if playing internationally with single bets. To clarify any confusion regarding game rules ask the dealer or stick standard three card baccarat into Google.

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